Jack Alistair

Hi there! Thank you for coming to my page!

Since the summer of 2014, I have been performing under the name Jack Alistair with busking, singing at events, and even recording a couple of albums under this name on the way. I will be forever thankful for the people I have met and the opportunities I have had in this period of my life, but now comes another one I am incredibly excited for.

I have started my first year of training at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama studying on the Acting (Musical Theatre) course. As this is the start of a new chapter of my career, I have decided to continue performing under my birth name, Jack Huckin. This means any performances in the future will be under this name, not Jack Alistair as I have done previously.

As I am currently in training, I am also holding off any new recordings until I have finished the three years, as I want to wait to provide everyone with the best material I can. This also means some online recordings will be removed as, again, I only want to provide the best material I can for you all to listen to. There will still be plenty of recordings available though so don’t worry!

I hope you understand why I am doing all this and will stay on this journey with me! The next few years prove to be exceptionally exciting, and I can’t wait to share all I can with you.

Here’s to 2020!